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We provide equipment to service companies to augment their supply chains. You can count on B&J to never sell or rent to E&P operators – that’s your business, not ours.

Why Choose Us?

Customer Friendly

At B&J Wholesale we understand that when an oil and gas operator needs equipment, time is money. We stock a wide range of products for the drilling, stimulation, and production phases of oil and gas recovery.

Reliable & Safe

B&J Wholesale only manufactures proven industry designs such as FC, FLS, FLSR and WKM gate values. All non-valve products are manufactured in accordance with API 6A or 16A. By holding to these standards, we afford our clients the highest degree of safety and the maximum amount of interchangeability.


All new equipment is provided with complete data packages that meet the requirements for the appropriate PSL level.

Service After the Sale

B&J Wholesale operates two full-service repair shops and is always available to maintain, repair or service any product we sell.

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